Welcome to Hong Kong

I am glad to announce that the 11th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM) 2021 is going to be held from 17-19 December 2021 in Hong Kong.

At that time, clinicians, academicians and researchers, and many well-known experts in Emergency Medicine around the world will gather in Hong Kong to participate in this biennial event.

The Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee have put together a most comprehensive and exciting program via a variety of formats and learning models like theme-based symposia, abstract and case presentations, poster presentations, debates, and workshops to suit the audience from a variety of different interests, seniority and background.

Last but not the least, international collaboration remains to be our emphasis in the conference. Emergency Medicine is a global challenge and we aim to make the ACEM a regional and international platform for the experts and practitioners in the field to network, exchange ideas and share experiences for the betterment of management of our patients in the future.

Dr Ludwig TSOI and Dr. K A WAN
Organizing Committee
Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine 2021