Welcome Message from ASEM

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Greetings from the desk of President of Asian Society for Emergency Medicine.

I am delighted to welcome you at the 11th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM); ASEM's first ever virtual conference; which is going to be held from 17 to 19 December 2021.

Our friends from Hong Kong, who were planning to host the meeting physically; quickly switched to the virtual format in response to COVID 19 pandemic.

In Asia and rest of the world Emergency Medicine has emerged as true frontline to deal with this unprecedented situation and it is particularly important that we remain updated with our knowledge and skills even within this crisis.

The summit will present different theme-based symposia, case presentation, debates, workshops, and an unlimited opportunity to virtually collaborate for future of emergency medicine.

Though this meeting, I remain committed to learn and progress collectively beyond the geographical borders of Asia.

Dr. Tamorish KOLE
Asian Society for Emergency Medicine