Introduction of Chinese medicine

Workshop Details
Date: 16th Dec 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 1000-1800
Venue: (if applicable): Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Chinese Medicine

Minimum no. of participant: 10 (face-to-face), 20 (virtual)

Deadline of application: 15th Nov 2021 (30th Sep 2021)

Organizing task force:
Prof. Li Min

Chua Ka Kit, Tony
Chow Chi Ho, Barton
Ku Ping Yui, Chris
Siu Sheung Yuen, Shane

Learning objective:
  1. To understand some general concepts of Chinese Medicine (both);
  2. To know how Chinese Medicine operate clinically (both);
  3. To try some basic Chinese Medicine skills (Face-to-face).
Tentative program:
Time Event Speakers
1000~1125 Introduction of Chinese Medicine (such as four examinations四診)
Dr YUE Kin Man, Kevin
  • Associate Director and Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division
  • Expert in Diabetes and Biomedical Sciences
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1135~1300 Introduction of Chinese herbal medicine
Dr GUO Ping
  • Senior Lecturer, Teaching and Research Division
  • Expert in Chinese materia medica and authentication of Chinese medicinals
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1300~1400 Lunch break (lunch fee NOT inclusive)
1400~1555 Introduction of Acupuncture (with practice)
Dr ZHANG Shiping
  • Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division
  • Expert in Acupuncture and Neuroscience
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1605~1800 Introduction of Tui Na (推拿) and bone-setting (with practice)
  • Assistant Professor of Practice, Clinical Division
  • Expert in Orthopedics and Traumatology
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*50% time for the lecture + 50% time for the practical. For those who join online only, they can just join the online part.